- The beginning of a new journey. - The beginning of a new journey.

Last july I was invited to participate in IETF 102 hackathon by a group of hackers who share a passion for finding solutions to problems and a common vision, a vision where more and more Mauritians are contributing towards open source software and internet security. It was a first for me as i've never been presented with such an opportunity.

I still remember Logan's(Loganaden Velvindron) words, he was the one who reached out to me. "This is an opportunity you don't want to miss.", he said. Having nothing to lose, I took the challenge, even though I didn't believe I would be able to come up with a working solution for the hackathon. A few days after the hackathon, after coming up with a working solution for a task which I was assigned, I realized something. There are a lot of things which we tend to believe are impossible to accomplish. But the thing is, we have to try at least.

Fast forward to today, the 22nd of September 2018, we are launching . is a group of developers/engineers who have contributed to many open source projects and particpated in several hackathons including IETF 102. We want to give the same opportunity that I was given to more people and get more mauritians involved in open source projects. As of now the team consists of Loganaden Velvindron,Nitin Mutkawoa, Codarren Velvindron, Kifah Meeran, Jeremie Daniel, Heervesh Lallbahadur, Nathan Sunil Mangar, Jagveer Loky, Nigel Yong and myself.

This is the beginning of a new adventure with lots of new opportunities awaiting. We are going to meet more people interested and passionate about technology and participate in more hackathons. This means more pair programming and fun. Collaborating on projects is cool as problems are tackled from different point of views and thus we can come up with better solutions.

For now this is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more.

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