Design & stuff

When I'm not coding, gaming, binge-watching TV shows or going outside, I like to spend my time designing stuff. This page is a dump of everything that I've done which is related to design.


A group assignment which consisted of developing a server providing 3 XML web services, 1 REST Service(JSON) and a client to consume those services. The server would provide access to band data via the web services and the client would have used those data to create and display events(upcoming concerts).

Pigeon Dash

Some props I designed as part of a group assignment which involved development and animation of a 2D game using HTML5 canvas and Javascript

Audio WebApp concept

I'm a big fan of Spotify music. It's subtle colours and simplicity makes it pleasant to use. I tried to come up with a design concept based on that.


Momentale was a pet project I made to learn how to use Laravel. The goal was to implement a CMS with basic functionality.

TQM for university locker rental

As part of an assignment to better understand Total Quality Management, I was assigned to a team to conduct a fictional TQM analysis of the current student locker rental process at the University of Mauritius. Our team came up with a cool solution consisting of removing red tapes by implementing an online system to replace the arcaic one. I designed a concept of the online system to support our findings.


Being a huge fan of Adventure Time, I tried to design jake in illustrator based on an existing illustration. Since I don't own a graphic tablet, it took me quite some time to get the drawing right using just a mouse.